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Re: New version of MANCOOSI tools

Thomas Klausner wrote:
Since not everyone was at pkgsrcCon, and we didn't have slides on the
web, could you perhaps send a short introduction to the mailing list

With pleasure! For a more detailed description of the MANCOOSI project, I'll refer to the project website (; suffice it here to say that it's a research project with managing component-based software distributions (i.e. open source OS distributions) as its topic.

The tools are meant for doing all sorts of checks on distributions (a distribution is basically a set of packages, in the pkgsrc case coming from a pkg-summary file). - pkglab is a query language on distributions, allowing you to explore a distribution mostly using its dependencies. One can examine the properties of a distribution and its packages, do installability checks, etc. - A specific version of this is distcheck, which shows packages in a distribution whose dependencies/conflicts are such that they cannot be installed under any circumstances. - ceve is a tool that translates a distribution into several output formats: dot graphs, SAT formulae, ... - tart is a tool that allows for putting a distribution on CDs/DVDs, while making sure that dependencies are satisfied (all the dependencies of packages on CD 1 are also on CD 1, all dependencies of packages on CD 2 are on CD 1 or 2, etc.)

Hope this helps,


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