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Re: First pkg_dry milestone

      15.73 real         7.34 user         0.40 sys

looks consistent with what I see here

(don't know how much time to fetch over network).

previous tests showed about 3 seconds for fetching, 10 seconds for indexing and less that a second tu push the results to the database

Where <package> is the PKGPATH name of the package without category, i.e. :

Not sure if that is a okay. We are accustomed to using PKGNAME (or


But I do understand the problem. We should get rid of this problem from

As I said, even if I don't like it either, this is the most convenient method to identify multiple-versions packages. FYI, there's 264 packages having multiples versions, a good half related to apache/php, the other half are python modules. I'm not sure that providing only the latest version is a good choice, what about people running good old apache-1.3 ?
On this matter, I'm opened to any approach...

Maybe sort case-insensitive alphabetically. (I am not sure of the ordering
-- yap is not near yaz!)

you're right, sorting is really raw for now, there's room for cosmetics here :)

# pkg_dry -l

This is formatted different than the -a (available) above. Maybe be

right, here I wanted to remain consistent with pkg_info but it's probably a better choice to be consistent with the tool itself.

Also maybe sort case-insensitive alphabetically.


Also this shows PKGPATH also so doesn't match what pkg_info tells me. For
So there is not a correlation between pkg_info and pkg_dry.

hmm, did you use pkg_dry -l ? I've just done the same thing here and pkg_info and pkg_dry -l matched perfectly

# pkg_dry -T <package>

I am not sure what that should do. I can't see any results from it. Please
show an -T example. (-t does work for me.)

example :

[~/src/pkg_dry] ./pkg_dry -T glib2
local reverse dependency tree for glib2

pkg_dry should complain if the <package> on command line is not


Thanks for your pkg_get examples, they gave me some more ideas :)

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