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Re: Cyclic dependency, please fix

> : Please point me to appropriate section of pkgsrc.txt and pkg_info(1).
> : In the documentation I don't see what write below or something wrong.

>   I'm not saying it's fully documented, or that the documentation is
> particularily good.

This part of the documentation is not as clean as it could be.  Only
those who are involved to pkgsrc internals can improve it (and it whould
be nice...).  This is what talked about. Nothing else.

> : >  Otherwise, go to ../../devel/p5-Module-Build and install from
> : > there to fulfill this dependency.
> : I'm sorry, but you skipped 'perl>=5.10'. Why?

>   I used the part after the colon, which is what is used when building
> the dependency from source.
distbb does exactly this and detects cyclic dependency.  This is a
question I started this thread with. It analyses DEPENDS and
BUILD_DEPENDS fields before everything is installed, it does this to
detect in which order packages should be built, it does this looking to
pkgsrc tree only (suppose you have no binary packages at all).

    0 p5-Module-Build>bmake list-vars VARS=DEPENDS
    DEPENDS=... devel/p5-version ...

    0 p5-Module-Build>cd ../p5-version/

    0 p5-version>bmake list-vars VARS=BUILD_DEPENDS
    BUILD_DEPENDS=... devel/p5-Module-Build ...

    0 p5-version>

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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