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Re: Cyclic dependency, please fix

In article <> Jens wrote:
: Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
: > Also I don't see a documentation for
: > 
: >     {perl,completely-different-pkg}:../../devel/completely-different-pkg
: > 
: > syntax in pkgsrc Guide section 19.1.7 and pkg_info(1).
: > 
: > According to the documentation above {} braces should be expanded to
: > 
: >     perl:../../devel/completely-different-pkg
: >     completely-different-pkg:../../devel/completely-different-pkg

  You misread the documentation, see below.

: As far as I understood the syntax used here
: >    {perl>=5.10,p5-Module-Build>=0.2608nb1}:../../devel/p5-Module-Build
: I think it means: it can depend either on X or Y, and building ../../A/Y
: would satisfy at least on of the requirements.

  Exactly.  First you split the DEPENDS at the colon.  The part before
the colon is used to check wether a suitable package is already
installed (or which binary package to pull in when using pkg_add).
The second part is used to build the dependency from source.

  So the above means to: perl>=5.10 and p5-Module-Build=>0.2608nb1 can
be used satisfies the dependency, so if either is installed, we're
done.  Otherwise, go to ../../devel/p5-Module-Build and install from
there to fulfill this dependency.


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