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Re: Building a package needing the workdir of another package

In article <> Edgar wrote:
: What's the intended way of building a package that needs files from the 
working directory of the build of another package?

  Find another solution (like the ones you suggested below).  While
this was done in the past, it is deemed unacceptable now.  As just one
reason, a make clean in one package should not break the build of

: I'm trying to pkgsrc dovecot-managesieve. Building it needs files from a 
built dovecot because it links against libraries dovecot doesn't export.
: Yes, best solution would be if dovecot did install those libraries, but I'm 
not in a position to tell dovecot's or managesieve's authors that should be 

: Solution 1: Use DISTFILES, CONFIGURE_DIRS and BUILD_DIRS to build dovecot (or 
at least, the relevant libraries) inside dovecot-managesieve's working 
directory. Should probably work, but duplicates both build time and pkgsrc 

  pkgsrc configuration could be shared via Makefile.common.

: Solution 2: Don't build managesieve as a separate package, but as an option 
to the dovecot package. Should work too, but breaks modularity.

Solution 3: make our dovecot package install the needed libraries,
perhaps in a non-standard location (e.g. $LOCALBASE/lib/dovecot) so
they are not found unless explicitly looked for.


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