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Re: ./configure weirdness

> I've tracked this down to the following lines in the generated ./configure:
> 7819: ep_realdir="`(cd \"$ep_dir\" && pwd)`"
> 7820: ai_p="$ep_realdir/`basename \"$ext_builddir/$dir\"`"
> Basically I don't think something likes the escaped double quotes around
> $ep_dir and $ext_builddir/$dir.  If I change the lines as follows:
> ep_realdir="`(cd $ep_dir && pwd)`"
> ai_p="$ep_realdir/`basename $ext_builddir/$dir`"
> Then the world is a happy place.

This is a bug in pdksh. I have the same problem when building
ghostscript on Solaris, see pkg/39775.

I suggested this addition to the Makefile as a quick fix

 +.if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS" = /usr/bin/ksh

but if more packages are affected, maybe it's really easier to fix pdksh.

Joern Clausen

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