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Re: binutils update?

In article <> Tim 
: On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Alan Barrett wrote:
: > I can't find an official description of the binutils numbering scheme,
: > but I can find vague evidence that they have previously made the number
: > go backwards, using small numbers like .1, .2 for releases, and large
: > numbers like .50, .90, for snapshots prior to the release.  In future,
: > I'd suggest inserting an extra ".0." in pkgsrc's version number for
: > snapshots of binutils; for example, if binutils has a future snapshot
: > that they call 2.20.50, then pkgsrc can call it; later, if
: > they have a release that they call 2.20.1, pkgsrc can also call it
: > 2.20.1.

: Sounds like a reasonable plan, if a snapshot is ever added to pkgsrc.

  Please add a comment to the packages Makfile, so this version
numbering oddity and our solution to it are not forgotten.


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