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CONF_FILES and directories

Hi guys,

having a hard time make sysutils/munin-server install from a (my own) binary package (2008Q3 and 2008Q4). Fails when trying to copy over $ {EGDIR}/templates/*.html to ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/templates/. From the output of 'pkg_add -v':

Running install with POST-INSTALL for munin-server-1.3.2.
munin-server-1.3.2: copying /opt/local/share/examples/munin/munin.conf to /opt/local/etc/munin/munin.conf munin-server-1.3.2: copying /opt/local/share/examples/munin/templates/ definitions.html to /opt/local/etc/munin/templates/definitions.html cp: cannot create /opt/local/etc/munin/templates/definitions.html: No such file or directory chmod: WARNING: can't access /opt/local/etc/munin/templates/ definitions.html

I'm not entirely comfortable with how package building works internally yet, but as far as I understand from the docs, CONF_FILES are being handled automatically, as long as they are defined properly in the Makefile, which is the case here as far as I can tell.

Can somebody confirm this will work when there is an entire tree that actually contains subdirectories under ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR} too? I think I see a missing step there when the 'templates' directory should be created prior to copying, but is not.

(This is on OpenSolaris. I'm actually fixing up the package to work properly on Solaris, as for instance, /var/run is an invalid location for non-root processes on Solaris.)


Filip Hajny

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