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which version of GNU m4 does pkgsrc assume? (was: devel/autoconf fails to build on MacOS X)

Am 20.01.2009 um 00:08 schrieb Greg Troxel:

I wonder if this is really a macos 10.4.1 bug.

You said autoconf and then automake.  I built them both on 10.5.6/i386
with no trouble.  It has gnu m4 1.4.6

sorry, I meant autoconf only. MacOS 10.4.11 has GNU m4 1.4.2

So perhaps the fix is to add something in tools that gm4 is broken on
macos 10.4.

yes, maybe, if it has a more general effect than just on building devel/autoconf

Or, perhaps there is really a bug in autoconf with the wrong number of
arguments but only the m4 on 10.4 detects this.

conceivable, of course. says that in order to install autoconf (as of Apr. 10, 2008) GNU m4 1.4.5 or later would be required. The same statement can be found at autoconf/. So it looks like this is not a Mac OS specific issue at all. It will hit any OS that still ships/shipped with an older version of GNU m4 (looking at the settings in pkgsrc/mk/tools, only Linux and Darwin should be affected by default).
How do we deal with that?
Does pkgsrc make any explicit assumption of the minimum version number of TOOLS_PLATFORM.gm4? It appears that it assumes 1.4 or later only.
Do other packages care?
Should we try to detect the version of TOOLS_PLATFORM.gm4 when building devel/autoconf?

Georg Schwarz  +49 151 11559652

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