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Re: oddities with p5-Pod-Simple ...

> Now attempting a bulk build on Solaris 10 with gcc ... imagine
> my annoyance when instead of 4/208 broken, there are now 44/208
> broken.  Many seem to have issues with Pod/ being
> missing ... some sort of odd chicken-and-egg situation here I
> think ... :)

It might look that way from the build log, but neither it nor
p5-Pod-Escape appears to have such a declared dependency.  Also,
when I try to reproduce this on a machine running NetBSD/3.1 with
perl 5.8.8nb8, and has pkgsrc-2008Q3 checked out, it gets past
the point where yours blows up, and the package completes all its
own self-tests.  The lines in my build log which surrounds what
you get is:

cp lib/Pod/Simple/ blib/lib/Pod/Simple/
cp lib/Pod/Simple/ blib/lib/Pod/Simple/
cp lib/Pod/Simple/ blib/lib/Pod/Simple/
Manifying blib/man3/Pod::Simple::DumpAsText.3
Manifying blib/man3/Pod::Simple::LinkSection.3
Manifying blib/man3/Pod::Simple::XMLOutStream.3

Pod::Simple is included in perl 5.10, but since you have 2008Q3,
you don't have perl 5.10 either.

Sorry, no idea what's going on with your build / environment.


- Håvard

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