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Re: net/tor update

"Christian Sturm" <> writes:

> could someone please update net/tor[1] and remove me as maintainer of it?
> I have no commit access to pkgsrc, the package has been taken from
> pkgsrc-wip (that's why email address is used), so I'm not able to maintain
> it myself.

We don't have a rule or even a notion that only NetBSD developers (with
pkgsrc commit access) can be package maintainers.  You can still be the
one to keep an eye on it and submit patches.  While there are many
unaddressed PRs, most of us try to be quick about complete patches from
non-developer MAINTAINERS.

All that said, if you don't want to be MAINTAINER of course we'll reset
it to pkgsrc-users@, as I see wiz@ did.  You are of course welcome to
submit upgrades without being MAINTAINER.

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