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Re: missing pkg-config files if X11_TYPE=native

On Jan 13,  9:04pm, Klaus Heinz wrote:
} David Holland wrote:
} > Don't build X11=modular packages with X11=native?
} > 
} > It would be nice if these failed cleanly...
} If a package needs xprop how am I supposed to satisfy this requirement?

     Why would the package need xprop?

} For X11_TYPE=native there is no problem, xprop lives in /usr/X11R6/bin,
} but what about X11_TYPE=modular?
} I thought adding x11/xprop to the DEPENDS list was the solution...

     The solution would be to create x11/xprop/ which skips
the installation if X11_TYPE=native.

}-- End of excerpt from Klaus Heinz

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