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Re: pkgsrc selfhosting

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 06:03:26PM +0200, Zafer Aydo??an wrote:
> Hello list,
> following idea came to my mind:
> Wouldn't it be great, if pkgsrc would provide all source files
> (distfiles) by themselves, instead of
> downloading it from the authors server ?
> I mean, all distfiles could be prefetched.
> master_sites would always point to our
> main server (respectively round robin through our own mirrors).
> Like it is done on master_backup.
> Like it is done for binary packages.
> Like debian is providing the source and the binary packages by themselves.
> This way NetBSD could provide successful downloads and
> would not worry about broken or outdated links.
> No more updating master_sites.

The problem with that approach is the bandwidth of the primary host.

Having said that, it's quite easy to do it right now, just by setting
one definition in your /etc/mk.conf or equivalent.


PS. If you're still wondering what the definition is, send me private
mail. I do not want to be responsible for overloading our servers.
Not directly, anyway. :-)

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