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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] The pkgsrc-2008Q2 Branch

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 03:07:36PM -0700, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :...
> :2. "make replace" - addresses the problems with "make update" by going
> :
> :3. "pkg_rolling-replace" - the nearest thing to automating this scheme.
> :
> :4. Use pkg_comp to build packages in a chroot environment, and then have
> :...
> :Hope that helps,
> :Alistair
>     This brings up a pet peave of mine, which I wonder if the pkgsrc folks
>     could address.
>     Could you guys please make 'bmake help' actually print out something
>     useful?  Like a summary of commonly used commands?  What it does now
>     is really not very useful at all unless you are already a pkgsrc expert.
>     (fetch-list, update, replace, pkg_rolling-replace, license stuff,
>     package option commands, etc).
>     It just drives me nuts, particularly when I'm trying to load up a new
>     box and don't have a browser online, or when an update blows up my
>     browser :-)

Yeah, a good point, and one I agree with completely - it's hardly
"help" if you need extensive background information to know what
to type.

I'll include on this reply - the guys who did the
"bmake help" all read that list.  tech-pkg people - what do you think?


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