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Re: make mdi and fetch/checksum

In article <> Joerg wrote:
: On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 01:34:15PM +0200, Dieter Baron wrote:
: > 3. or should we add a special flag to fetch/fetch to not consider it
: >    an error and have make mdi set it?

: I prefer (3)

  So that flag will be set when NO_CHECKSUM is set, and mdi will set
that flag or NO_CHECKSUM?  Would you be willing to implement that?

: and I would prefer if NO_CHECKSUM is obsoleted and all
: cases where it is being used are fixed to include proper checksums.

  That won't work for packages tracking daily snapshots.  I know you
dislike these packages, but they are useful and we will continue to
support them.


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