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Re: Re: lang/python24: Remove no-nis from PLIST, add QNX

>On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 05:08:13PM +0200, Christian Leutloff wrote:
>> I'm working on Python 2.4 for QNX 6.3.2. The older version 2.4.4 does
>> already work on my system. Now I want to move the patches into the
>> pkgsrc cvs repository. I'd like to start with the Makefile and the
>> PLIST. QNX does not have support for NIS. Therefore the build of the
>> module will fail. But the module is also not
>> generated.

>You can't just remove that code. This is how Python behaves at least on
>NetBSD and IRIX. The option can split into two parts though.

> Joerg

I have missed this reply back in April 8-(

What is the usage of a module named on NetBSD or IRIX? 
Python is not searching for modules with an inserted _failed.

IMHO there is not need to include on any platform. 
If NIS is supported only is used. Therefore I have provided a patch that 
omit This should be valid for every platform.

The QNX specific part should disable the inclusion of But that
is another aspect. Though it is integrated in the same patch.


Christian Leutloff, Aachen, Germany
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