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Re: bootstrap now failing, reinstall tnftp, pkg_info wrong path

> Is this the first run through or the second? E.g. is tnftp already
> installed?

prefix and work all removed. bootstrap ran.

Yes, tnftp is installed. And earlier in the output it does:

# egrep 'Registering installation for|Installing dependencies for' LOG
===> Installing dependencies for bootstrap-mk-files-20080415
=> Registering installation for bootstrap-mk-files-20080415
===> Installing dependencies for bmake-20080215nb1
=> Registering installation for bmake-20080215nb1
===> Installing dependencies for tnftp-20070806
=> Registering installation for tnftp-20070806
===> Installing dependencies for pax-20080110
=> Registering installation for pax-20080110
===> Installing dependencies for pkg_install-20080423

Then it tries to install tnftp again. The problem is that it doesn't know 
tnftp is installed because using the wrong path to a non-existent 

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