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lang/python24: Remove no-nis from PLIST, add QNX


I'm working on Python 2.4 for QNX 6.3.2. The older version 2.4.4 does already 
work on my system. Now I want to move the patches into the pkgsrc cvs 
repository. I'd like to start with the Makefile and the PLIST. QNX does not 
have support for NIS. Therefore the build of the module will fail. But 
the module is also not generated. As far as I know this is 
intentional. The dynamic loading mechanism of Python does not modify the name 
of a module to load. Only the path where dlopen and the extension is changed. 
Therefore there is no benefit for packing up a If you want to 
make sure your python code does not abort when loading a not existing, 
you will use a try catch clause around the import statement. So I have removed 
the no-nis and the related parts of the Makefile and PLIST.

I've attached a small patch against the anoncvs as of today.


Christian Leutloff, Aachen, Germany
Bis 50 MB Dateianhänge? Kein Problem!

Attachment: python24_nis-failed_removed_and_qnx.diff
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