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Re: 2008Q1 bootstrap issues under solaris 10u4?

For some reason I haven't seen my post, nor anyone's replies, so am
relying on the archive to craft this reply:

|On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
|> trying to get the bootstrap compiled up with Sun Studios 12 inside a
|> zone (not that I think that has any bearing, mind you).
|> The compilation phase seems to progress fine, however when the bmake
|> unit tests are run, it just appears to stop dead with no output:
|Several people have reported this sort of thing in the past few days.
|The most detailed report suggested that the newly-built bmake program
|was stuck in an infinite loop while performing the "recursive" test
|inside the "unit-tests/dotwait" makefile.

aaah ... that would make sense

|I think we need somebody with the right environment to run that test
|under a debugger to figure out what's going wrong. It could be a bug in
|bmake itself, a bug in a library, accidental linkage against the wrong
|library, a compiler bug, or something else.

I'd be happy to do so, if someone could give me pointers ... :)

also, I've run into an issue when compiling screen - when built
on a Solaris 10 08/07 (update 4) host, it gets linked against
/usr/lib/ however this file appears to be missing on
Solaris 10 03/05 ... would I therefore have to compile all my pkgsrc on
03/05 hosts if I wanted to support both 03/05 and 08/07?

actually, going further, we have some Solaris 8 hosts as well, so
perhaps I should do my compiles on one of those ... in general how
portable are pkgsrc packages compiled for older Solaris platforms when
using them on more recent versions?


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