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Re: -nox11, -x11, -qt, -tty, etc.

 >>   No, the ultimate solution is not to require more than one package
 >> directory, but instead build multiple binary packages from one
 >> directory.

> Yes, I agree with this.  It should be done with just a single package
> directory.  However, as we work toward that, I'd like to proceed with
> my proposal which I view as a step along the way.

Then you should select another pkgname/options separator character.
`-' character is bad idea IMHO.
Something like ~ or % will be better.
In this case base pkgname part can easily be separated from options part.

That is full pkgname should look like this
-/+ or `no' prefix is another question that should be resolved now.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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