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bootstraping on opensolaris express

From an xen based install in the most recent opensolaris release (1/08
which includes sun studio express 12/07) using HEAD of pkgsrc, nfs
mounted read only with a local work directory.

[kisain#1 ~] uname -a
SunOS 5.11 snv_79a i86pc i386 i86xpv Solaris

When bootstrapping, the bmake test appear to be wedging on the first
recursive tests (at least the last thing it prints is a second

pkgsrc-2007Q4 seems to crash with a PLIST mismatch error, but bmake
builds fine.  pkgsrc-2008Q1 seems to be the same as HEAD.

Is this a known issue and in any case does anyone have more info before
I continue to dig in?


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