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Re: pkg/38392: x11/xxkb - support for different PKGMANDIR

OBATA Akio wrote:
--On 2008/04/09 13:20 +0000 wrote:

With PKGMANDIR=share/man building x11/xxkb fails like this

=> Automatic manual page handling
=> Generating post-install file lists
pkg_create: can't stat
kb.0' => Checking file-check results for xxkb-1.11
ERROR: ************************************************************
ERROR: The following files are in the PLIST but not in /usr/pkg:
b.0 ERROR: ************************************************************
ERROR: The following files are in /usr/pkg but not in the PLIST: ERROR:
*** Error code 1

It seems that due to PKGMANDIR is incompatible with IMAKE_MAN_SOURCE_PATH.

Should USE_IMAKE packages also honor PKGMANDIR (as PR said),
or suppress replacement of ^man in PLIST with ${PKGMANDIR} if USE_IMAKE?

I would prefer that we honor it if ${X11PREFIX} == ${LOCALBASE}. If it's too hard to figure out the necessary imake logic to do it, we can perhaps resort to just moving the installed man pages after they are installed to put them in to the right place.


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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