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[RFC] rsync3 in pkgsrc


I just had a short conversation with Joerg on rsync. The problem is
mainly that, for our backup purposes, rsync is hardly useable except
when increasing the ressource limits for root massively, and except of
course when having tons of memory in the first place.

A solution to this problem is the new rsync version 3. We at SyGroup
GmbH have used rsync3 productively since the earlier beta days (after
careful evaluation), and it has decreased the times of our backup by
factor 10. Additionally, if a version 2.6 peer is discovered, rsync
uses the old protocol version 2.6 to proceed, eating the usual amount
of bandwidth and memory.

Under the above circumstances, does anyone see a problem with updating
net/rsync to version 3.0.1?


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