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Re: pkg_add and remote packages

On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 06:05:51PM -0400, Johnny C. Lam wrote:
> Dieter Baron wrote:
>> In article <> Johnny wrote:
>>   That's nice, but the problem Joerg ran into also happens for single
>> package installs with specified version: finding out about missing
>> dependencies.  How does ruby gems handle that?
> The YAML file includes all of the dependency information for each gem, so 
> you can determine what's needed without needing to fetch or inspect the gem 
> itself.  I feel this is the right thing to do in pkg_summary if we don't 
> already do this.

  pkg_summary also contains that information.

  However, you said:

>> : If you ask the "gem" tool to install a particular remote gem by name : 
>> *and* version, then it grabs it directly from the gems directory. : 

  What if the gem depends on other gems?  Can gems be installed out of

>> :   Perhaps a binary package should consist of two files in the package : 
>> directory:
>> :         packages/foo-1.0.tar.gz
>> :         packages/foo-1.0.pkg_summary
>> : These two files can be generated automatically by "make package".  Then 
>> : to create the "global" pkg_summary file, you just concatentate all of : 
>> the *.pkg_summary files together.
>>   Hm, that would make it easier to update pkg_summary.  And it would
>> eliminate the need to download the whole thing for just installing one
>> package: download the *.pkg_summary file and you have the list of
>> dependecies.
>>   However, it would clutter up the package repository significantly.
>> I'm undecided wether I think it's worthwhile.
> It would double the number of files in the repository.  Still, it's worth 
> considering if it makes remote repositories more useful.  We could install 
> the *.pkg_summary files into a parallel directory, e.g. 
> packages/summaries/foo-1.0 if that's any better.

  Yes, it's worth considering.


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