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bump openssl dependents?

I think we need to update PKGREVISIONs for packages depending on openssl.

See pkgsrc guide:

14.2.2. Updating BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.pkg in files

"In some cases, the packages that depend on this new version may need 
their PKGREVISIONs increased ..."

19.1.11. How to handle incrementing versions when fixing an existing 

"PKGREVISION must also be incremented when dependencies have ABI changes."

I am guessing this doesn't matter for pkgsrc on NetBSD which don't depend 
on the openssl package. But for other platforms it may be needed.

For example, if the dependent packages foo-1.2.3 links with (instead of now, then foo needs to 
become foo-1.2.3nb1. (Or how we will we know the difference between two 
different packages with identical version?)

Did the script for helping with this ever get committed to pkgsrc?

If this was already done, please ignore this email :) and thanks!

  Jeremy C. Reed

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