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George Georgalis wrote:
/usr/pkgsrc/doc/pkgsrc.txt says:

  * PKGMAKECONF: Location of the mk.conf file used by a package's BSD-style
    Makefile. If this is not set, MAKECONF is set to /dev/null to avoid picking
    up settings used by builds in /usr/src.

However pkgsrc seems to use /etc/mk.conf if it
exists (PKGMAKECONF unset).

I think you're misunderstanding the documentation for PKGMAKECONF.

pkgsrc itself uses /etc/mk.conf (or if you bootstrapped your bmake, it uses ${PKG_SYSCONFBASE}/mk.conf). PKGMAKECONF is the file used by packages that themselves use BSD makefiles (makefiles in ${WRKSRC}). The two are different.


        -- Johnny C. Lam

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