Subject: devel/scmgit won't build with our asciidoc
To: None <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/08/2007 09:34:52
As of a few days ago, I noticed that building devel/scmgit fails with
our asciidoc; the error I get is regarding the "xhtml11 backend".  I
tried setting AsciiDoc8=YesPlease in the environment as per the
documentation, but that didn't help.  Does anyone know what the
problem is here?

I'd also like to split devel/scmgit into  "scmgit-base" and
"scmgit-doc" plus a meta-package.
Eventually, I could add a common set of rules for git packages and/or
a to allow building other components of the source (as
well as third-party git tools/add-ons) such as emacs support.  Perhaps
it would be best to split it up a la devel/subversion, e.g. with
support for various languages in a seperate packages, but I have too
much on my NetBSD/pkgsrc plate to do this now.