Subject: Re: make replace problem
To: None <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/01/2007 17:17:56 wrote:
> ===> Skipping vulnerability checks.
> WARNING: No /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/pkg-vulnerabilities file found.
> WARNING: To fix, install the pkgsrc/security/audit-packages
> WARNING: package and run: ``/usr/pkg/sbin/download-vulnerability-list''.
> => Fixing @pkgdep entries in dependent packages.
> mv: rename /usr/pkgsrc/x11/libXft/work/.replace-+REQUIRED_BY to 
> /var/db/pkg/libXft-2.1.12/+REQUIRED_BY: No such file or directory
> *** Error code 1

This may have something to do with _PKGSRC_BARRIER. I got bitten by that 
when I ran "bmake build-env" in a clean package directory. I expected 
pkgsrc to configure the package and then change into the 
build-environment. But instead, it probably ran "bmake" and only then 
"bmake _PKGSRC_BARRIER=yes build-env".

I suspect this oddity to be the cause of your problem too, because it 
seems that the make targets are reordered, which is typical of