Subject: New package question
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From: Phil Nelson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/15/2007 10:02:41
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Hi everyone,

   I'm nearly ready to import a bunch of packages to wip to support
the primary package I'm wanting to add ... Koha ( which
is an Integrated Library System.     It is released under the GPL.

  While all of the dependencies for Koha fit the "normal" pkgsrc build,
install modes, the Koha proper is a collection of perl and mysql scripts
along with web content.   There is provided a perl install script that wants
to do an interactive install that builds the Koha mysql database, copies
the web content into the "proper place" in a web server tree and so forth.
This does not work well with the normal pkgsrc build, install mode.

  What I'm considering doing is adding a makefile for pkgsrc that installs
the needed files into /usr/pkg/share/koha and that directory becomes the
"binary package".    To make use of koha, the user would then have to
run the perl install script from /usr/pkg/share/koha after they have prepar=
the web server and mysql so that it is ready for Koha.

  The other possibility is that the pkgsrc makefile just sets=20
and then it can't be built as a binary package.   Also, using an interactive
stage install may make problems for the PLIST ... but then again, so would
the above way in that deleting the package would only remove the
/usr/pkg/share files rather than removing the installed files.

  The other point for using the first method is for upgrades.   Koha has an
upgrade script that allows one to upgrade Koha without starting over
with the database.  This sounds important for someone actually using=20
Koha to keep track of their library.

  The final issue is that all the perl scripts use #!/usr/bin/perl in their
perl scripts.   It appears that pkgsrc wants to install its own version
of perl, so should  I use the build stage to change all scripts to use

  Thanks for any help!

Phil Nelson (phil at
NetBSD:  Coda:

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