Subject: Re: cone
To: Adam Hoka <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/12/2007 16:17:15
Adam Hoka wrote:
> I'm just wondering if anybody wants to have a cone package in pkgrsc-wip.
> I've made a package (a bit dirty, but kinda works) to try it, but I didnt like it.
> It's a mailer which is a bit looks like pine and it was made by courier devs.
> Anyone's interested or I should just delete it without commiting?

Just to set the records straight, Cone is a little more than just 
another mail reader -- it integrates with Courier IMAP in a way that it 
doesn't with other IMAP servers because it also implements an 
experimental protocol called SMAP[*].

I have a cone package which I haven't yet committed to pkgsrc because of 
some platform-specific compilation issues.  It works fine on NetBSD, but 
not on FreeBSD 4.x, and I'm in the middle of writing some extra code to 
port it.  I maintain the other Courier code in pkgsrc, so I was going to 
maintain this one too.  I guess the port will get done eventually, but 
if anyone desperately needs this, please let me know.


	-- Johnny C. Lam