Subject: show-installed-depends
To: None <>
From: Dave B <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/09/2007 21:12:11

    % make show-installed-depends

and saw the new warning (and am posting, accordingly):

    WARNING: This make target (show-installed-depends) is about to be removed

  I use it regularly to get a feel for what else is going to happen
when I try to build a package.  I'd definitely like to see it stick
around--or is there some other preferred way to achieve similar/
same functionality (w/o having to install special other packages
such as pkgdep, etc.)?

  BTW, on a similar note, I also really miss the
"show-all-depends-dirs" target, which disappeared a while ago.
Nothing else I've been able to find (again, at least in base pkgsrc
infrastructure) will identify all the packages on which the one
I'm currently dealing with depends.  Any chance that'll ever come

Cheers,  --Dave B.

P.S.  Please CC -- I'm not on tech-pkg.