Subject: Using pkgsrc's pcre with devel/glib2
To: None <>
From: Blair Sadewitz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/08/2007 11:34:59

Glib2 currently builds pcre internally from a snapshot ~6 months after
7.2.  I diff'ed pcre 7.2 with the one included in glib2, and the only
differences were definitions of character array constants:  pcre-7.2
uses a pointer to the array, while the snapshot in glib2 just uses an
array and manually null-terminated strings (to reduce the number of
relocs, joerg@ explained to me).  Other than differences in the code
related to that and perhaps a few entries in an enumerated unicode
table, it seems to be stock.  Our pcre is 7.4, and I'm inclined to
switch glib2 to use --with-pcre=system, including devel/pcre/ in
glib2/  Are there any objections?