Subject: Summary for the 8th NetBSD hackathon
To: None <>
From: Adam Hoka <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/06/2007 18:20:12
Summary for the 8th NetBSD hackathon
During the hackathon, we have closed more than thirty PRs, lot of them from the 1.6 times.
We have also made patches and small fixes that still need to be commited. 
Of course we had a lot of fun together too.  :) 
Special thanks goes to the developers who gave us hints and worked together with us to make a better pkgsrc. 
Thank you very much Alistair, Hubert, Joerg and Roland! 
I would also like to say thank you to everybody who was there to help. You've made a nice job guys!               
If you have a bit of time to check and commit our patches, you can find them in the wiki.
The links to the patches are in the tables:
Look for tickets whith "Patch" status, please.
You can also find there more information about the closed PRs and other things we did during the weekend.
The page is at
Thanks again,
     Adam Hoka