Subject: Re: remaining issues with gnome-2.20
To: None <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2007 23:55:41
On 30/10/2007, at 22:02, Matthias Drochner wrote:

> Hi -
> I've been tracking gnome-2.20 for a while. The release was appearently
> thrown together in a rush, and code quality and portability is worse
> than it was in 2.18. Anyway, some bugs were fixed in 2.20.1, and I've
> fixed some issues on our side, so we might consider to pull this into
> pkgsrc soon.
> Here is my (somehow serse) list of issues remaining. For general
> desktop stuff, 2.20.1 is working well. System monitoring and  
> multimedia
> things are not that great. There are other applications available
> serving the purpose, which I personally prefer, so I better get some
> opinions before pushing the update.
> The gdm/XDMCP problems are rather serious, but it might be a  
> reasonable
> workaround to make it IPv4 only for now.
> If someone has some clue how to fix the other issues, please help.
> best regards
> Matthias
> -gdm: XDMCP wants getaddrinfo(V6ONLY), and requires v6 mapped v4  
> sockets
> -libgtop: should be updated
> -nautilus-cd-burner: needs hal
> -sound-juicer: needs hal
> -nautilus: strange behaviour, desktop icon pictures disappear  
> sporadically
>  (not sure whether this is expected behaviour if programs are
>  installed/deinstalled)
> -epiphany: what does the seahorse extension do?
> -seahorse: pgp public key properties dialog sometimes unresponsive,  
> and
>  sporadic changes in the "Trusted" tab (likely program bugs)
> -seahorse: slowdown/crash browsing the "collected keys" list
>  (possibly related to network connection)
> -accessibility stuff not done yet
> -system-monitor et al not done yet
> -programs suffering from broken dlopen(NULL) on NetBSD, notably
>  evolution and glade3 (no easy workaround available)

IIRC, I worked on a patch for glib to workaround this last issue.   
Was it removed?  If not, maybe that code using dlopen(NULL) (if you  
really mean the dlopen call) could be migrated to use the module  
management functions in glib.  The workaround is not perfect but lets  
many stuff work.

As for all other problems, maybe it is worth to file PRs about them  
so that they don't get lost?


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>