Subject: Re: GPL in pkgsrc/licenses
To: Martti Kuparinen <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2007 12:26:56
  /usr/pkgsrc/licenses> cvs update
  ? GPL-v2
  ? GPL-v3
  ? LGPL-v2
  ? LGPL-v3

Please use the names that are in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES in

	public-domain \
	gnu-gpl-v2 gnu-lgpl-v2 \
	gnu-gpl-v3 gnu-lgpl-v3 \
	original-bsd modified-bsd \
	x11 \
	apache-2.0 \

The theory is that free/open licenses do not have the -license suffix,
and are all lower case.

(This is all still subject to discussion, so if you want to propose a
change, feel free.  But what's there is the result of the previous

Thanks for paying attention to licensing issues; it's going to be a lot
of work to get to all licenses having tags, and doing so in a way that
doesn't cause users any grief.