Subject: tar broken on Solaris [Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/archivers/pax]
To: grant beattie <>
From: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/29/2007 01:34:51
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On Sat, Oct 27, 2007 at 11:19:05AM +0000, grant beattie wrote:
> Module Name:	pkgsrc
> Committed By:	grant
> Date:		Sat Oct 27 11:19:05 UTC 2007
> Modified Files:
> 	pkgsrc/archivers/pax: Makefile
> 	pkgsrc/archivers/pax/files: configure
> Log Message:
> enable large filefile support, if applicable.
> fixes tar/pax with >2gb files on 32bit Solaris.

this change broke tar on Solaris for me:

 # uname -srm
 SunOS 5.10 sun4u

 # touch test.txt
 # ./tar cf test.tar test.txt
 zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./tar cf test.tar test.txt
 # file core
 core:           ELF 32-bit MSB core file SPARC Version 1, from 'tar'
 # ls -l core
 -rw-------   1 root     root     1825103 Oct 29 01:28 core

 # mdb ./tar core
 Loading modules: [ ]
 > ::stack
 next_file+0x6e8(53370, 55798, 505a8, 46178, 33024, 2400)
 0x176e0(53370, 0, 46328, 46400, 46400, 46328)
 main+0x260(4, 340d4, 55800, 3, 4, 56170)
 _start+0x108(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
 > ::regs
 %g0 =3D 0x00000000                 %l0 =3D 0x00000000
 %g1 =3D 0x0000002f                 %l1 =3D 0x00053000
 %g2 =3D 0x00000000                 %l2 =3D 0x00000000
 %g3 =3D 0x00000003                 %l3 =3D 0x00000000
 %g4 =3D 0x0001bb68                 %l4 =3D 0x00053000
 %g5 =3D 0x00000090                 %l5 =3D 0x0001b800 ftree_add
 %g6 =3D 0x00000000                 %l6 =3D 0x000024b8
 %g7 =3D 0xff3a2000                 %l7 =3D 0x00055790 tar`archd+0x2420
 %o0 =3D 0x000595b0                 %i0 =3D 0x00053370 tar`archd
 %o1 =3D 0x00000003                 %i1 =3D 0x00055798 tar`archd+0x2428
 %o2 =3D 0x00000002                 %i2 =3D 0x000505a8
 %o3 =3D 0x000006ec                 %i3 =3D 0x00046178
 %o4 =3D 0x74657374                 %i4 =3D 0x00033024
 %o5 =3D 0x00002420                 %i5 =3D 0x00002400
 %o6 =3D 0xffbffaa8                 %i6 =3D 0xffbffc10
 %o7 =3D 0x000024c0                 %i7 =3D 0x000176e0

  %psr =3D 0xfe900005 impl=3D0xf ver=3D0xe icc=3DNzvC
                    ec=3D0 ef=3D0 pil=3D0 s=3D0 ps=3D0 et=3D0 cwp=3D0x5
    %y =3D 0x00000000
   %pc =3D 0x0001c284 next_file+0x6e8
  %npc =3D 0x0001c288 next_file+0x6ec
   %sp =3D 0xffbffaa8
   %fp =3D 0xffbffc10
  %wim =3D 0x00000000
  %tbr =3D 0x00000000
 > next_file+0x6e8::dis
 next_file+0x6c0:                add       %i5, 0xb8, %l6
 next_file+0x6c4:                add       %i5, 0x20, %o5
 next_file+0x6c8:                clrx      [%i0 + %l6]
 next_file+0x6cc:                add       %i0, %o5, %l7
 next_file+0x6d0:                mov       0x90, %g5
 next_file+0x6d4:                ld        [%i3], %o0
 next_file+0x6d8:                add       %l7, 8, %i1
 next_file+0x6dc:                clr       [%i0 + 0xc08]
 next_file+0x6e0:                clrb      [%i0 + 0xc0c]
 next_file+0x6e4:                ld        [%o0 + 0x40], %o4

 next_file+0x6e8:                ldx       [%o4 + %g5], %o3

 next_file+0x6ec:                subcc     %g5, 8, %g5
 next_file+0x6f0:                bge,pt    %icc, -8	<next_file+0x6e8>
 next_file+0x6f4:                stx       %o3, [%i1 + %g5]
 next_file+0x6f8:                add       %i5, 0x38, %o2
 next_file+0x6fc:                sethi     %hi(0xf000), %o1
 next_file+0x700:                ld        [%i0 + %o2], %l3
 next_file+0x704:                sethi     %hi(0x8000), %i1
 next_file+0x708:                and       %l3, %o1, %l4
 next_file+0x70c:                cmp       %l4, %i1
 next_file+0x710:                bge,pn    %icc, +0x58	<next_file+0x768>

please fix this or back it out, ASAP!  thanks.


-- Lubomir Sedlacik <salo@{NetBSD,Xtrmntr,silcnet}.org>   --

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