Subject: buildlink3 for EmacsLisp packages
To: None <,>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/26/2007 16:59:55

I need the idea of buildlink3 for EmacsLisp packages ("ELPs"
hereafter).  The problem I'm having is that some ELPs look for some
other installed ELPs to configure glue features are enabled.  (E.g.
emacs-w3m has features for mew, Wonderlust, skk, etc.)  To decide a
certain ELP is installed or not, files installed under load-path are
looked for.  Now we don't control how those directories are seen at
build time, configurations depends on build order.  This is totally
broken in pkgsrc POV.

One day OBATA-san told me that we can override Emacs's load-path by
EMACSLOADPATH environment.  (If this is set to /tmp, Emacs will look
for /tmp/site-lisp.)  We can control what ELPs should be found for a
given ELP.

So now, how to write this.  I need an advice, what code should be
added to pkgsrc/mk/buildlink3, what is used, what is not.