Subject: Re: bmake-20071008 posted
To: Simon Gerraty <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/13/2007 00:36:02
On Fri, 12 Oct 2007, Simon Gerraty wrote:
> >This should probably all change again now that _BASENAME_DEFSHELL is
> >allowed to be a full path (and yet again if you follow my suggestion
> >to rename the _DEFSHELL_BASENAME variable).
> Not sure I followed that - the names do seem a bit odd though.

Don't worry, the configure script in bmake-20071011 already does what I
was referring to, except for renaming _BASENAME_DEFSHELL.

> >Is it desirable to retain the old mapping from DEFSHELL values to
> >shell names?  [...]
> Right now, you can select
> --with-defshell={sh,csh,ksh}
> and it will use the builtin entry for the named shell.

OK, I see the configure script has been updated to cope with the changed
mapping from DEFSHELL integers to shell names.

Thanks, this all looks good to me.

--apb (Alan Barrett)