Subject: official logo proposal
To: None <>
From: Dieter Baron <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/17/2007 09:54:18

we (pkgsrc PMC) have been asked to decide on an official logo for
pkgsrc.  We are happy to present a candidate here.

  The last thread on tech-pkg produced two basic logo designs.  While
the folding paper box design by Thomas Bieg is very original and
expresses elegantly what pkgsrc is about, it is a rather complex
design with many small parts; it would not work well in small sizes,
or on buttons or t-shirts.  Therefore, we propose the simpler design
by Chris Wareham (based on the older design by Hubert Feyrer).

  Since the box had problems with perspective and the provided EPS was
rather large, I recreated the logo.  Please review the result at

  Your comments are welcome.