Subject: Re: DESTDIR support
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/26/2007 18:59:26
Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 25, 2007 at 04:40:38AM +0200, Klaus Heinz wrote:
  [ packages built with DESTDIR have wrong directory ownership ]

> It does. I have a patch for pkg_create to fix that and I am working on
> pkg_add to use the same code base. I expect this to hit the tree
> sometime after the branch.

The ownership problem is fixed with the new pkg_install tools, as far
as I can see. However, packages using something like this


cannot build correctly with PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=user-destdir. With
"destdir" it works, though.

Are there any plans to change this?