Subject: Re: pkg_rolling-replace calling 'make install'? was: Spurious space [...]
To: Hauke Fath <>
From: Daniel Horecki <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/18/2007 22:34:49
2007/8/18, Hauke Fath <>:
> At 21:19 Uhr -0400 16.8.2007, Greg Troxel wrote:
> >I just committed a change to pkg_rolling-replace (0.11) that should
> >strip the leading spaces.
> pkg_rolling-replace(8) is generally rolling along now for me - discounting
> the fact that 'make replace' still seems to be broken if invoked by a
> non-root user using su(1). But it apppears to occasionally invoke 'make
> install' instead of the expected and promised 'make replace' for already
> installed packages:
What version of pkg_install do you have? It looks like old bug in pkg_info.


Daniel 'Shinden' Horecki