Subject: Issue with for the first package to use it...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/08/2007 20:44:26
Say you are updating packages, including Emacs because of a libX11
bump.  You may use pkg_chk -r

Say you then install your list of favourite packages, including Emacs,
but Emacs is alphanumerically sorted before some of your Emacs Lisp
Packages, so the Emacs Lisp Packages get installed first.

In my case, devel/doxymacs.

This package makes reference to EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR, as apparently it
can according to

There is a problem though.  EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR is determined by
looking at the Emacs package that is currently installed.  There isn't
one installed yet though.  So it adds a dependency and continues, but
EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR is left unset.

In the case of devel/doxymacs, it has to make a decision based on
EMACS_VERSION_MAJOR.  If you intend to install Emacs version 22, it
will make the wrong decision.

End result is that it installs Emacs 22 as a dependency, and then
immediately tries to install another package that is incompatible with
Emacs 22.

In fact the major version number could be inferred by from
EMACS_TYPE, which would solve my problem.  But EMACS_VERSION_MINOR
would still be incorrect.

There's probably an available solution for arranging for Emacs to
install and THEN evaluating the version numbers.  But I don't know
what that solution is.