Subject: Re: maintaining binary pkgs on the ftp server
To: Chris Turner <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/24/2007 13:35:32
Chris Turner wrote:
> Planning out my local filesystem structure it occurred to me that if you
> put the 'TAG' up front, a checkout area with a slight variation on the
> default PKGDIR could then more easily fit the scheme e.g.
>    pkgsrc/${TAG}/packages/${OPSYS}/${OSVERSION}/${ARCH}/All
> You could then hook in e.g. MY_RELEASE_LINK -> ${TAG} and have things
> work for package updates across the various platforms, I understand the
> FTP sites don't mix the pkgsrc hierarchy with the packages, milages may
> vary, etc. but in any case..   just a thought that might be useful. I
> guess the question is which 'version' is more important in the scheme of
> things or to pkgsrc - the pkgsrc branch or the OS..

I don't think that would work. When you want to switch from 2007Q1 to 
2007Q3, you have to make sure that for all your platforms, the 2007Q3 
packages are available. Since the packages are uploaded per platform and 
by no way at the same time, it doesn't sound too useful to me.

Did you already make the experience that you can switch between two 
stable branches easily? If so, this may be a feature we could provide, 
at least as a symlink farm.