Subject: Another look at "supported" versus anything else
To: None <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/2007 20:29:07
Hello, all,

I've been thinking about issues regarding slower platforms for a while. It 
seems to me (and this just my opinion) that building pkgsrc quarterly tags 
for slower systems, such as m68k and VAX, is not productive. Restarting on 
a new pkgsrc tree takes almost a week on an m68060, and THREE WEEKS on a 
VAXstation 4000/60. Also, by the time the packages are finally built and 
uploaded, they're ancient.

My thoughts are that I'd like to just build these off of the latest pkgsrc 
and do a cvs update every now and then. I personally don't run any of my 
production systems off of a pkgsrc tag because the amount of time it takes 
to get a security fix backported or the newer, fixed package pulled into 
that tree is too large. From the point of view of pkgsrc directories on 
the ftp server, it'd be too confusing to try to keep a meaningful number 
of packages in each quarterly tree unless we either rolled the binary 
packages over from one tree to the next.

Another option would be to build a smaller selection of most used packages 
when each tag is cut and upload them as soon as they're done.

Regardless of what's done, it needs to be recognized that m68k and VAX 
systems (and probably a few others) will never be able to complete a bulk 
package build in three months without having older packages already done. 
So what do we do about this? Thoughts?

John Klos