Subject: Re: [HEADS UP] Platform support
To: <>
From: John Klos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/2007 20:02:51

I'd like to put in my two cents. I try to do bulk builds for some of the 
slower architectures (m68k, VAX, mips-el), but for various reasons I 
haven't been able to complete any meaningful amount of work for a long 
time. For one, netbsd-3 had memory leak issues on mac68k and amiga 
machines which would lead to a panic after the kernel consumed all memory 
after a few days to a week of compiling. For another, VAX has been going 
through some large changes that made it almost unusable until certain 
significant issues were fixed (and they are now - thanks to all involved, 
especially Matt).

>> Besides, a combination of pbulk and distcc with a number of mac68k nodes
>> a modern PC as build backend should be able to get the build done in a
>> reasonable time frame. This makes this argument even less compelling to
>> me.

I'd be willing to commit several machines (two m68060 Amigas, three or 
four 40 or 50 MHz m68040 Macs, at least two VAXstation 4000/60) as well as 
a fast management machine to doing this. Since I've never used pbulk nor 
distcc, I'd appreciate a little help, but I'd very much like to see this 

> But who is doing this for mac68k (and other low-resource platforms)?  I don't
> have the time or other resources available to do it myself.  And since I'm not
> a developer, the results of any builds I do are not accepted into the
> repository, anyway.

I didn't do anything for ages due to problems with older versions of 
NetBSD. However, in anticipation of NetBSD 4, I've been building for more 
than a month on VAX and m68k. While some might complain that packages 
should only be built on the "official" NetBSD releases, I think that due 
to the amount of time it takes to even get past the initial depends work, 
these packages should be acceptable.

Anyone want to help set up distcc and pbulk?

John Klos
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