Subject: Re: AIX perl linked to libperl.a in ${WRKOBJDIR}
To: None <>
From: Joerg Sonnenberger <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/17/2007 10:46:10
On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 12:07:52AM -0400, Louis Guillaume wrote:
>   Adds Directory to the list of search directories used for finding
> libraries designated
>   by the -l (lowercase letter L) flag. The list of directories,
> including the standard
>   library directories, is also recorded in the output object file loader
> section for use
>   by the system loader unless you use the -blibpath or -bnolibpath
> option. You can
>   repeat this flag.

Can you check whether having one -blibpath removing the -L handling or
not? We should be able to handle this within the wrapper framework, but
I need some time to figure out how :-)