Subject: Re: maintaining binary pkgs on the ftp server
To: None <>
From: Juho Juopperi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/09/2007 16:19:12
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> On Wed, 04 Jul 2007 14:27:27 +0200
> Roland Illig <> wrote:
>> Hubert Feyrer wrote:
>>>  * document what's there, answering questions like
>>>     - where can I find latest binary pkgs for NetBSD/i386 4.0
>>>     - where can I find latest binary pkgs for Solaris 9/x86
>>>     - where can I find (any) binaries from pkgsrc-2007Q2
>> As a general scheme, I suggest
>>      /pub/pkgsrc/${OPSYS}/${OSVERSION}/${ARCH}/${TAG}/All
> I'd prefer something like
> /pub/pkgsrc/${OPSYS}/${ARCH}/${OSVERSION}_${TAG}/All

Maybe /pub/pkgsrc/packages/${OPSYS}-${OSVERSION}/${ARCH}/${TAG}/All?

The migration would be easy and ${OPSYS}-${OSVERSION}/${ARCH}/ is  
familiar concept from /pub/NetBSD. The tree still stays moderately  

True that OSVERSION_TAG would give the best possible view for  
selecting packages without extensive directory browsing but logically  
OPSYS and OSVERSION are more related than OSVERSION and TAG. Neither  
one is bad though.



>> ${TAG} would be either 200yQq or current-200ymmdd. That is, each  
>> "All"
>> directory has some tag associated with it. (Currently, we have some
>> directories where this isn't the case.)

Current might not need the date stamp as we need only one current and  
the directory carries the modification time anyways.

PS. I'm one happy sysadmin being able to use pkgsrc everywhere I need  
open source software. Thanks to Tobias Nygren for his work with HP-UX  
and thanks to Ulrich Habel for, quality solaris packages  
and good work with pkgsrc. Hope his solaris patches make it to the  
pkgsrc tree.

Juho Juopperi
+358 40 5422 321,

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