Subject: Re: changing directories in INSTALL/DEINSTALL scripts
To: None <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/02/2007 17:43:41
Klaus Heinz wrote:
> I wrote:
>> among other problems I just noticed that print/tex-hugelatex has an
>> INSTALL script where the current directory is changed. This leads to
>> a problem in the "footer" section because +INSTALL cannot be found.
>> Instead of prohibiting the "cd" command I propose to fix this kind of
>> problem in pkgsrc and insert "cd ${CURDIR}" at the top of
>>   deinstall-pre
>>   deinstall
>>   install
>>   install-post
>>   footer
>> This is a simple change fixing a real problem and should be done
>> despite the freeze, IMO.
> Nobody had an opinion about this, so binary packages of
> print/tex-hugelatex are still broken in pkgsrc-2007Q2.

I apologize for missing this proposal earlier.

I think that actions within the script shouldn't change the current 
working directory, and that consequently, ones that do should be invoked 
from within a sub-shell.  The "source" bits that are concatenated into a 
final +INSTALL or +DEINSTALL script can be hard to predict, so I think 
it's reasonable that each bit enforce the post-condition that the 
working directory isn't changed.


	-- Johnny Lam <>