Subject: Changes to use new PEAR features (channels and package.xml v2)
To: None <>
From: Christopher W. Richardson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/25/2007 12:35:43
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I've been poking around for a while now, trying to create a
package for PEAR Role_Web from, and I've come to
two (possibly erroneous) conclusions:

	1) Our PEAR stuff is not set up to use channels other
           than the default ones which come with pear
           (,, and URI)

        2) pear_plist.php does not really handle package.xml v2

I'm willing to work on both of these (assuming I'm right in my
diagnosis), but I'm not exactly a PHP/PEAR expert, and I also
have some generic questions about how to handle the channels.

First, for channels, there are already a number of them out
there, and I'm sure the list is only going to grow (q.v.,  Off the top of my head, there
are at least three ways to handle this:

	a) add "meta" packages for each channel, and use those
	   packages as dependencies for any pear packages from
	   the channels

	b) add logic in lang/php/ to properly handle
	   channels (adding some sort of CHANNEL variable, and
	   doing pre-install and post-deinstall work to attempt
	   to register or unregister the channel from pear)

        c) let each package handle channel issues on its own

Anyone have any thoughts/preferences/other suggestions on the

Second, AFAICT, pear_plist.php uses infoFromAny to extract the
file list and create the PLIST for pear packages.  The comment
for that function says, "@deprecated use
PEAR_PackageFile->fromAnyFile() instead".  Internally,
infoFromAny does use the PEAR_PackageFile routines, but before
returning, it runs things through _postProcessValidPackagexml,
which strips most of the v2 file stuff and returns something like
a v1 array.  I played around with using
PEAR_PackageFile->fromAnyFile() on my own, unsuccessfully, so
before I go farther down this path, I wanted to get some
concurrence that we should move to using the new calls directly
(and possibly some suggestions on how to do so).


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