Subject: Re: Some questions about lang/ghc
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Matthias Kilian <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/19/2007 20:42:57
Blair Sadewitz wrote:

> Currently, I'm doing an unregistered build for amd64 using a lightly
> modified tarball of hc files from OpenBSD/amd64.

Good luck. I'm not sure how OS dependent the HC files actually are.

> -- My bootstrap compiler is version 6.2.2.  Is this OK, or should I
> generate a new set of hc files prior to submitting my results
> (assuming this beast compiles OK)?

Targetting 6.6.1? Then you *must* generate the HC files with 6.6.1.

If you've a working 6.2.2:

- build 6.6.1 natively, i.e. bootstrap it using 6.2.2.
- install 6.6.1 and make clean.
- rebuild 6.6.1, bootstrapping from the installed 6.6.1, dancing the
  -keep-hc-files dance.

If it helps, I'd send you my current ghc-6.6.1 port for OpenBSD.
It works fine so far, but be warned that there's a lot of hackery
in it.


ps: I'm not subscribed here, so please cc: me.